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 Haruno Yuukiko

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Name: Haruno, Yuukiko
Age: 13; She claims that she is 11 for the sake of her private family affairs.
Gender: Female
Nindo: No matter what happens, a shinobi must never ever show their emotions...The mission is the only priority. Carry that in your heart...And never shed a tear...
Personality: Yuukiko is quite picky, rather dignifiedly brutal, and slightly paranoid. She can also be serious and confident when it comes to serious issues. Though she is afraid, she tends to intimidate people. She's so negative... It downs everyone's vibe...

Eye color: Liquid Topaz
Skin color: Inhumanly pale; Yuukiko's very unhealthy.
Hair color: Pink; Same color as her "supposed" sister, Sakura's hair.
Physical build: Her body is lanky and freakishly enough, looks like a boy's (sad to say...). Though she is far too thin for her age, she has touch skin and hard bones that support her build.
Anything else: Her lips are a radiant red that clash horribly with her petal pink hair. She also has a wide forehead, suprisingly...
Picture: I can't find a picture that looks like Yuukiko, but I can say that she looks an awful lot like her sister.
Here's my attempt at finding a picture of Yuuki:

Haruno Yuukiko Gotslug

Village/Ninja info

Desired Village: Konohagakure
Rank: If the timeline in your RP is set in the beginning, I suppose Genin would suffice, but I rather would perfer Chuunin if you do not have a timeline.
Rp sample:

Yuuki (*NOTE: Yuukiko does not respond by her real name. Her history will reveal that.) let a crooked smile twitch and snap onto her blood red lips. Her sickly skin shimmered endlessly in the hollow moonlight like a ocean with a pale face. With one head tilted tauntingly, she dipped her Neko-te in her fatal poison. With a swift movement, she let the Neko-te grasp her fingers. Yuuki held it up to the neck of the silent culprit.
"You," she ordered; "You will tell me where he is now."
She pressed it against his tough skin, making him squirm even more in the tight ropes.
"One drop of poison will contaminate your blood and leave you with a violent void," she assured his death; "Hence, you will tell me or die."

[| ooc; That was a bit of her dignified rudeness... She isn't really all like that, but I just felt the urge to do it. xD |]

Birth -
At birth, she was named Yuukiko Haruno. Her name meant "Distant Child," for the fact that she would never be able to see her mother. At last minute, they had successfully transfered her to Haruno-sama's womb, letting her give birth to the Distant Child. From that point on, the Harunos' took care for the child.
Academy Years -
Yuukiko was a successful student. She was top of the class, and took pride in it. She became "Yuuki" (Courage). Alas, she took a turn in life that struck her with an emotional blow:
She was allowed to become a Genin at age 7, but Haruno-sama wouldn't let her. Seeing how stubborn and persistent Yuuki was, she unleashed a horrible demon that took in her form and nearly killed Haruno-sama. That week, she was disowned by her family and rejected by many. They wouldn't even let her become Genin anymore.
The next year, she met Ria-sensei. Though she was obnoxious and not much of a teacher for little kids, Yuuki became attached to her. Ria-sensei was like the mother Yuuki had lost a year ago. Once Ria-sensei realized what potential Yuuki had, Ria took her in on private ninja lessons.
One day, Ria drank too much sake with Iruka and made a bet: Whichever student wins the spar, Iruka or Ria gets their share. Apparently, both Yuuki and Sasuke ended up in a tie so Ria and Iruka had to compromise: Yuuki advances to Sasuke's class while Ria bears all of Iruka's paperwork.
Genin Years -
Yuuki was randomly selected onto Team 7. Knowing that her sister, rival, new teacher, and knuckleheaded friend that loves her sister were on the team nearly made her puke. She hated the team and wanted out.
After words, she moved in with Sasuke, her rival, when he felt pity for her against the Sasuke fanclub. (In other words, the fanclub was beating her to a pulp.. Sad to say...)
Their first mission was an incredible one. It taught Yuuki how much the team really did mean to her. It also taught her what a horrible demon she was.
At the last scene with Haku's ice mirrors, Yuuki managed to unleash Ou-chan when Sasuke went down with the haunting words "This is goodbye..." Once defeating Haku, she bent over the shot down Uchiha, crying her heart out. When the Haruno sisters thought the Uchiha was dead, he opened his eyes, pealing off the phoenix tears that had healed him.
Yuuki knew one slightly important thing: She fell desperately in love with Sasuke.
Genin years part II -
Yuuki was forced to go back to the academy. They wouldn't let her finish the Chuunin Exams with Team 7. So angrilly, she marched back to the academy to be enrolled with Team 17, consisting of Kakashi, Akumi Hinono, Asoumy (Tente's sister), and Suki Itsumo. They all hated eachother at first (Besides Suki - She secretely liked Kakashi...) but once again, after a touching mission, they all became the best of friends.
Chuunin years -
Yuuki and Team 17 took the 2nd Chuunin Exams of the year. (They held two Chuunin Exams per year, I am pretty sure.) Right after they finished it, all of them had to go help with the war against Orochimaru. Akumi, Asoumy, and Suki were all gone and on random missions. And Sasuke was gone also, leaving her with a cold thank you and kiss. She, now as heart broken as ever, wanted to keep the academy going on. Since the shortage of teachers, the academy ceased to go on. After Tsunade allowed that she may begin teaching Konohamaru's class, Yuuki became an immediate teacher, despite her age. She also had a special student close to her heart, just like Ria-sensei. That student became Hanabi Hyuga.

I know this is not included, but there are some noteable things about Yuuki:
There's also a little deal that is sealed with the demon inside of her: she has to have Demon Puberty (XD Haha, you can't help but laugh, right?) which has the effects of mood swings and change in body figure.
Her demon is called Ou-chan. (Catchy, no? Razz)
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Haruno Yuukiko
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