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 Kemuri Cobait

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Its a monkey....
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PostSubject: Kemuri Cobait   Kemuri Cobait EmptyMon Jan 21, 2008 5:51 am

Name: Kemuri Cobait
Age: 15
Gender: male
Nindo: To live unseen, unheard, and to kill with no shame.
Personality: Shy when you first meet him, but he can warm up to you. He is dark at time and almost crazy.

Eye color: gray
Skin color: Vary pale
Hair color: gray
Physical build: Vary skiney
Anything else: he's blind
Picture: Kemuri Cobait Cobait6-1

Village/Ninja info
Desired Village: Kumo
Rank: kage
Rp sample: Cobait sat with his back against one of the many walls that made up the city. HIs sightless eyes staring at the space before him. The rain lightly hit his face and bady, his wet hair hanging down to his eyes. He moved one hand up to the sky, the cold water running down his arm. He sat up and formed three hand signs. The air around him became thick with smoke, blinding most who walked by, to his, the world had come into view. Getting up and walking down the sidewalk, the cloud of smoke would follow him, its poison filling the lungs of the people passing him. It didn't bother him, he lived with the fuems of this smoke his hole life, and would live with it till he died.

A flash of lightning happened out in the forest, a tree crach heard just moments after. The red and yellow sparks danced the tops of tree and the hole village was in a rage. Ninja moved to the end to the forest with water justsu masters up frount, only three were there, fighting the fire. Cobait moved to the eage of the fire, the others yelling at him trying to get him back. Rasing his hands and pushing them down, the smoke in the area moved to the tree level, smothering the fire. He walked on, not wanting a prize, for his help, he only did it because he didn't want to find a new home.

(((this is just a sample, when I'm in a rp i spell check it but i was tired and lazy tonight.))

History: Born and raised in the kemuri housing area Cobait live a good six years. He made Genin at age five and did his first b rank a year later. when he returned he found the housing on fire and bodys laying around. He ran forming hand signs as fast as he could to supress the fire, and apon reaching his house he found his parents gone, most of his house had a black flame around it, and he couldn't put it out. He found a six inch dagger laying on the floor were his father spent most of his time, and in a last atemp to join them he stabed himself right in the kindny, he was found by a med-nin just five minites after he passed out. THe med-nin saved and raised him. At the age of fifteen he is without a team but is sent to other villages to pass note along.
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Kemuri Cobait
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