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 Kemuri Clan

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PostSubject: Kemuri Clan   Kemuri Clan EmptyMon Jan 21, 2008 5:09 am

The Clan Info
Clan name: Kemuri
Village Location: Kumo
Element Type: Smoke(fire and earth)
Founder: Gimboch Kemuri
Famous Members: Gimboch
Infamous Members: Simro

Kekkei Genkai
Kekkei Genki name: Smoke control
Effect: This kekkei Genki alows the user to control smoke with there chakra
Appearance: ...It matters the jutsu used...

History of the Clan:
History:(I'll update there history later)... The clan was foemed many years ago, back when the jutsus were just being made. Gimboch the fonder formed the first smoke jutsu, this jutsu foced the user to go blind, along with the rest of his children, and there cheldrin, and so on. The jutsu, even if it made the user blind opened more smoke jutsu. This jutsu was Smoke sight, which aloude the user to see the movemetnt of smoke. Years later the clan started to fall apart, and any member who tryed to leave the town were killed. The last member to be boren was a young boy(Cobait) but six year after his birth the clan was murdered, leaving Cobait the only on with smoke jutsus.
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Kemuri Clan
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