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 Dokuja Nagare

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Name: Dokuja Nagare
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Nindo: When the going gets tough, the tough get tougher!
Personality: Nagare is generally a warm and kind person, though she won't hesitate to be cold to those she isn't fond of or even hates. Her mood more often times than not changes and coordinates with the weather. She has this obsessive-compulsive need to be near any body of water, varying from the ocean at a pier or simply a glass of water held in her hands. She has a strange fondness for rain and her favorite hobby is swimming. Some may also note that she showers and bathes obsessively, be it at home or at the hot springs, though no one has dared asked her of it. She's normally one to help those in need but only willingly if there's nothing that she needs to get done for herself first.


Eye color: Aquamarine Turquoise
Skin color: Feather-light brownish-peach. Not tan but not pale either.
Hair color: Dark brown
Physical build: Slender and flexible, though can be clumsy at times.
Anything else: Her normal attire consists of a chunin vest with an aquamarine blue long-sleeved shirt underneath it with black capris, taijutsu 'tape' on her forearms and shins with black ninja sandals. Underneath her shirt, she's secured by the norm as well as a lightweight "chainmail" material to protect her from small kunai and shuriken.
Picture: ANBU suited Nagare. I will get a regular picture of her as soon as I get to drawing it!

Village/Ninja info

Desired Village: Hidden Leaf Village
Rank: Jonin
Rp sample: Nagare's half-lidded eyes gazed upon the rippling of the crystal blue water beneath her, her hair hanging low with the tips idly upon the water's surface, disturbing the peaceful rings that spread out upon the flowing plain. The dark sky, glittered with stars and illuminated by the moon, granted the water an image so beautifully painted that she couldn't help herself but to simply stare and admire silently. Oh how she wished to simply plunge herself into that pond, but to destroy the peaceful stillness that was the pond's surface in physical appearance and spirituality would be a terrible sin. The forest around her was quiet and still, just as the pond, though foreboding in its mystery. She would have to be careful returning to the village. There would be no telling what was watching her, and what could be capable of attacking her maliciously in the dark for that matter. She would stay for another five minutes, she promised the pond, before she had to retreat back to the sanctity of the village that saved her.


History: Nagare was born in a village built on a remote island by villagers of the Mist and Waterfall villages. Underneath the island lived a bijuu, only recently having been discovered by the village itself. The Bijuu is a one-tailed serpent named Teisetsu, a peaceful yet powerful chakra beast. Fearing the bijuu, the villagers named their village after the beast, Hebigakure (NOT SASUKE'S VILLAGE! IT WAS MY IDEA FIRST! /RAGE). Nagare's family consisted of 5 members: Herself, being the youngest of the family, her father Katashi, her mother Haruka, her older brother Katsu and her older sister Mikiri. When Nagare was about 6 years old, Haruka left the village, leaving no clues to her whereabouts. Her whereabouts as of now are currently unknown. Since then, Katashi trained Nagare, Katsu and Mikiri to be shinobi.

When Nagare was about 12 years old, Mikiri left the village after an assassination attempt on the village leader. The act was considered independent and Katashi was not held responsible for Mikiri's actions. Mikiri is currently considered a Missing-Nin, non-Akatsuki, whereabouts unknown. A year or two later, Orochimaru approached the village, seeking out the bijuu Teisetsu. The village pretended to be unaware of the bijuu's presence and threatened to attack Orochimaru if he did not leave immediately. He took heed of their threat and left, only to return a year later to attack the village, decimating it. An elder, fearing for the bijuu, sealed it inside of 15-year old Nagare, who ended up surviving Orochimaru's wrath. Orochimaru searched for the bijuu, not knowing Nagare was now the vessel, and left without success. All but a few villagers, Nagare included, had survived the assault. Those that survived feared and hated Nagare, being the vessel of the chakra beast Teisetsu.

Nagare hid in the ruins of her home, both her brother Katsu and father Katashi having been killed in the assault of the village by Orochimaru. She hid from the other villagers, scared and alone. She grew sick often, only barely surviving off the Teisetsu's green chakra, which held a healing power within it. The Teisetsu aided her, knowing that if Nagare died, it too would perish. A few years later, now about 18 years of age, Nagare drifted off to sea in search of a new home. She lived off fish and the moisture they provided. After several agonizing months at sea, Nagare drifted on a beachy shore of the Fire Country, half dead and unconscious. She was discovered by ANBU, having been called over to investigate. They brought her to the Konoha hospital where she was nurtured back to health after a few months of rehabilitation.

She was taken to the Hokage, where she explained her situation. She vowed allegiance to the Leaf in exchange for a place to stay. The Hokage nervously agreed to the terms and granted Nagare Leaf Village status.
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Dokuja Nagare
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