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 Kitabatake Mariko

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PostSubject: Kitabatake Mariko   Kitabatake Mariko EmptyWed Dec 19, 2007 9:10 pm

Name: Kitabatake Mariko
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Nindo: Power will bring me happiness, so I must seek it out.
Personality: Mariko is a rather outspoken girl, and she is cheery and energetic. Outside of battle, she is rarely seen without a smile on her face. But don’t let her fool you, she can be rather power hungry and will do almost anything to get what she wants. Deep-down, she is not that cheery of a person and is constantly plagued by the sorrow of her past. She can be kind if she wants too, but only to very few people. She trust almost no one, and has a pretty bad temper. Even with her young age she is wise when it comes to battle and maps things out the best she can before jumping into things.

Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Hair color: Bleach Blond
Physical build: She is short for her age, and is muscularly thin.
Anything else: Mariko appears to be several years younger that she really is. She keeps her hair pulled up in a messy pony-tail on the side of her head. She has made a few “adjustments” to the traditional Akatsuki uniform. It is a tank-top dress with a slit on both sides and a Japanese style collar. Underneath, she wars black pants that cut off at the knees. Her weapons pouch sticks out through one of the slits. She keeps her headband tied around her left arm, and, as with all Akatsuki members, the symbol is crossed out.
Kitabatake Mariko San__Daughter_of_Deidara_by_ShiningAngel

Village/Ninja info
Desired Village: Akatsuki
Rank: S-Rank Missing-nin
Rp sample: ((This would probable be around the time of the war in her history…))
Mariko walked down the path. The mist was thick, and there was little help from the now setting sun. She wouldn't worry though. The Yuki ninja were foolish to attack in such a place. Mariko was snapped from her thoughts by the sound of footsteps. She stopped and listened, before dispatching a few water clones. She then quickly dodged into a nearby tree and waited. It was only a matter of time before the enemy took her bate. She didn't have to wait long either. The sound of water splashing nearby gave away the enemies position. She quickly unleashed her genjutsu on the unsuspecting ninja.

Just then a kunai knife flew at her from behind. She made to dodge, but was sadly to late and the knife cut her shoulder. She swore under her breath and turned to face the new enemy. A Yuki nin stood near by. He smiled proudly. Mariko glared at him and jumped into the air, throwing a kunai. The ninja laughed at the pitiful attack, but just then another Mariko appeared behind him.

"You're a fool to laugh when you don't know the true attack," she said stabbing another knife into his back. The ninja turned his head and smiled.

"You should follow your own advice," he said before vanishing in a splash of water.

A water clone? Mariko thought. Perhaps I underestimated him. She stood up striate and stared into the mist. There was no sign of her enemy, but she knew better. He was hiding somewhere just out of sight. She could fire randomly into the mist, but she couldn't risk hitting her allies. There was no doubt that he knew this as well.

She was once again pulled from her thoughts by an enemy attack. A massive water dragon came up from behind her. Mariko screamed, sending out sound waves. The dragon exploded, and water fell down on Mariko like a heavy rain. Yes, I definitely underestimated him, she thought.

History:((If anyone actually reads this whole thing, I'll be surprised.))
Mariko was born in Kiri in late spring. Her father, Gorou, was an Anbu and her mother, Chou, was a retired Jounin who stayed home and raised the family. Her family was rather small and she only had one sibling, her older brother Dai. Gorou would take the two for walks along the ocean. He would tell them that as long as you felt small next to the vast sea, you understood your own strength. Mariko got along better with her brother than most siblings while growing up, but that all changed when Mariko was six. She joined the academy, and a sibling rivalry was started. Dai graduated two years later and became a Chunin a year after that. He always outshined her, as all older siblings do, and told her that she was to “soft” to be a real ninja. She appeared to live fine with his teasing, but deep down she longed to prove him wrong.

Dai became an Anbu before Mariko had even graduated. He never said anything much about it, but Mariko could tell he was proud of himself. She started to work even harder to improve herself, so that she could one day catch up to him. A year later, when Mariko was ten, her brother was mortally injured on a mission. His Team had managed to bring him back to the village, and he was sent to the hospital, but the doctors could do nothing. As he died, Mariko sat next to him holding his hand and crying. The last thing that left his lips was, “Little sister, I know you will get stronger, and you will make me proud. But you are still too soft.” Mariko watched the light leave her brothers eyes, before her father carried her back to the house. For the next two years, Mariko was plagued with horrible dreams of slaughter and death.

She graduated from the academy a year after her brother’s death. The pain of it caused her to grow isolated from everyone, but she has always worked fine with teams, knowing that if she lived in solitude she would never accomplish anything. She entered the Chunin exams a year later, and discovered her Kekkai Genkai during the second phase. She was the only person in her village to become a Chunin in that exam. She was proud of herself, but it wasn’t enough for her. She tried even harder and eventually entered a Jounin exam, but she did not pass on the first try. She tried again two years later and passed with flying colors. She was soon appointed to Anbu.

A war broke out soon after that. Some ninja form Yuki, the Hidden snow village, had attacked a few ships that had been sent from Kiri to the Main land. The Mizukage did not hesitate to declare war. Mariko was sent into battle several times, but on one such occasion she underestimated a Yuki-nin and was knocked out from over-use of her Kekkai Genkai. Luckily, she had lost her head-band and the Snow ninja mistook her for one of their own. She was taken to their camp. When she woke up, she found that she was unable to speak. A young ninja about her age was assigned to watch over her. His name was Hayato. She was constantly nervous, but it didn’t really show.

After about a week, she gained her voice back. It was still rather hoarse, but she was able to speak to Hayato. He was very kind to her, and, for the first time since her brother’s death, she felt close to someone. As they talked, it seemed that they had known each other for a longer time, and they soon fell in love. Neither of them would admit it though. But soon Mariko longed to return to her village. She tried to tell Hayato who she really was, but something always seemed to get in the way. One night she snuck out and attempted to return to Kiri, but Hayato caught her. It was then that she told him who she was and all about her past, even the part about becoming strong to make her brother proud. Hayato let her leave, as long as she continued to see him. She returned to Kiri and was greeted by amazed relatives and teammates wanting to know what had happened to her. They had all thought she was dead. She told them that she had been stranded for weeks before finally finding a way home.

For the next month, she continued to visit Hayato in a forest not far from Kiri. During this time, Mariko’s isolation faded, and she became cheerful and happy. The two talked about their hopes and dreams. Hayato always told her that she would become strong. One night, some fellow Anbu caught her sneaking out and followed her. When they saw who she was speaking to, they killed Hayato and tried to drag Mariko back to the village. In a mad-rage, she killed two of them but was unable to resist for long. She was accused of treason and murder, but because she was usually loyal Anbu the Mizkage gave her another chance. She spit in his face and said, “I don’t take charity from scum like you.” Then she fled the village, killing several guards in the process.

Over the next few years, she killed every hunter-ninja sent after her and made a name for herself in most, if not all, of the ninja villages. Akatsuki soon came to recruit her, and she willingly joined believing that the organization would give her the power she needed to make her brother proud and take revenge for her loves death.
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